Monday, December 4, 2017

yet... they still call me a fascist..

but of course I am not... any one who knows me knows that.

I am a right-winger (I think).

I believe in conserving and preserving the traditions and culture of my people - the white European side and the brown native side... I believe in the natural order and struggle to maintain and preserve it for the sake of all humanity... I believe in my lord and savior and sweet creator and  his will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven... I believe in borders and the separation of races and religions - each can have it's own place in this world - if you don't know, I am a product of multiculturalism... and it sucks... I believe there are only two genders - because, there are only two genders (dumb ass!)... I believe in small government and personal responsibility and self sufficiency... I believe in the right to bear arms - that it is my God given right to defend my life and my family and my property by any means available to me... and I believe in free speech and my right to an opinion... but the new world faggot keeps saying that makes me a fascist... oh well... I got shit to do...

good luck to the rest of you.


Friday, November 3, 2017

Volume One

Welcome readers of the Deringer Files and unsuspecting travelers.

This is a personal journal and within these digital pages are contained the private thoughts and writings of one Victor L. Vogt – known to some as Dash Deringer, and it is important to remember that this is a personal journal when reading - though I have chosen to make these writings public they have nothing to do with the reader – the voyeur, the spectator... you - the outsider looking in to my thoughts, ideas, theories, poetry, art, and the tales of my failed romances... of which you can be sure there are many... your letters are welcomed... but unlike a blog – this journal does not care about the offended...

The Deringer Files never has had any corporate sponsors or taken advertiser dollars (but if this project is successful enough you might see some here), so I have always been able to say as I please without fear of someone pulling out my income – I am self employed (self sustained I like to say) and make money while still being able to state my opinions - as contradictory to the herd as they may be, without fears... I don't actually deal with the public any more... (kinda).

In deciphering this journal – which some may have to if you are new to these writings, understand that many times I am addressing some one in these words – for example you may come across a sentence that says “my sons” or actually addressing some person by name – I am talking to them – Veronica... my unborn sons... friends... tribe... and you my dear reader...

This journal is raw and many times it will be absolute chaos... unedited and random... as personal journals tend to be... there will be short stories here – things I always wanted to post at DF but for whatever reason (lazy) did not post on-line... much of it will still be in the development stages and unfinished... these writings are from my digital journal mostly... and maybe pages scanned from pen and paper... doodles and drawings and such...

Your opinions and feelings mean nothing to me – if you choose to look inside another's mind you do so at your own free will... I curse... I howl, and I growl... I spit out racial slurs without concern for those who are not there... do you censor your own thoughts? Are you afraid of the thought police... Is the thought crime squad after you... maybe... but I don't care...

Some of this may and will drift off to the fringe and to the dark side... and topics that you may not want to read about – again... this is my life – though I state many times that my life is actually quite boring... some days the demons catch up to me and my mental state tilts a bit... and some days I just stumble into a mess already in progress... and when I say mess... I mean the shit gets totally fucked up...

So here it is for your sick voyeuristic pleasure – The Deringer Files... do with it what you will.

You can download it here - though you know how I feel about these people:

or get it here:

or here:

Sunday, October 22, 2017

ten against one

“Je suis un catholique en pèlerinage sur cette terre ancestrale qui s’est battue pour le catholicisme, à dix contre un, et qui a pourtant fini par gagner, car certes, à l’aube, je vais entendre sonner le tocsin, les cloches vont sonner pour les morts.”

 "I am a Catholic pilgrim on this ancestral land that fought for Catholicism, ten against one, and yet ended up winning, because certainly, at dawn, I will hear ringing the tocsin, the bells will ring for the dead. "

Jack Kerouac

 American Pilgrim: Catholic Kerouac On the Road

A Deringer Files Update

A couple of long time Deringer Files readers have come up with a solution to satisfy their Deringer Files fix...

He said: "you used to publish the Deringer Report as a monthly news letter, why not bring that back and put more of the writings of Deringer Files in it"

"I would really like to read more of your writings for the legion, that stuff is really good and gives a lot to think about, as far as the direction I want to take my life in and the direction we are heading as a race and people and society".

She said: "maybe you should publish the Deringer Files as a news letter like the old Deringer Report---  I still have those and the old  paper 'Troubled Times' news letter that you put out a long time ago, that is how I first started reading you."

"you are a good writer and have a unique style in telling your life stories"

"I am sure I am not the only one stalking this site, is stalking the right word? Lurking, I mean to say lurking these Deringer Files, it would be nice to have something downloadable to open up and read on a lonely night, I have my favorite pieces that I open up and read over again, it is comforting, and to know that Dash is out there--- somewhere."

Dash Deringer says... sure, why not.

Look for "Deringer Files Volume I" to be out sometime in November, a downloadable journal for the readers of this site, I don't know where to put it up where you will be able to get it but I will look around and I am still thinking of putting up a web site For Deringer Files - not on a google site.

Thank you.